July 2009
We've talked about a mountain trip to the Dolomites for years.

We just touched this area in 1991, but much too late in the season to really enjoy it (and
too much in a hurry to get on to points further south). And, our mountain trip to
Switzerland in 2002 remains one of our favorites. This area has come up as an option
just about every time we start talking about our next vacation, and we finally decided to
go for it.

But due to work schedules, band camp and various other commitments, we didn't have
a lot of time. With nine nights, we earmarked a week for the mountains and two nights
in Munich at the end of the trip (mostly because we decided to fly in and out of Munich).

Plenty of options, but where to stay?
Overview: Hiking in the Val Gardena
Day 1: Stau!
Day 2: This is why we wanted to visit the Val Gardena!
Day 3: Sprechen zie...speck?
Day 4: Bolzano, Merano and a date with Ötzi
Day 5: The flying telephone booths
Day 6: I love a parade
Day 7: One little victory
Days 8-9: Munich
Wrap up: Weather and packing; useful resources
Wrap up: Food, language and final thoughts

All of our trip photos

Climb Every Mountain:
Our long-awaited trip to the
Dolomites...and Munich